See your best Shade for your Face-Vogue Eyewear 2015 Campaign Launch





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Instagram post  The Invitation

I attended the Launch campaign of the new face of Vogue Eyewear Adriana Lima. Adrienne Lima is a perfect fit for this brand,i love how she brings that Brazilian fire.There was a lively atmosphere at the event,some of my Favorites where in attendance that brought the crazy fun.Vogue eyewear is so on trend bringing the latest styles for the season.I thought i would help out my Fashionistas/Fashionisters that don’t quite know what type of frame suits their face.

I have complied this table using Vogue Eye-wear Frames to Illustrate which Fame is best on what faces.


vogue post fashionista ct

Hope this table helped you out Fashionista/Fashionister.

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Vogue Eyewear Event-114

Vogue Eyewear Event-121

Vogue Eyewear Event-lauren campbell fashionista ct

Vogue Eyewear Event-16 (1)


Press Release

The stunning Brazilian model Adriana Lima is one of the faces
of Vogue Eyewear’s new communication campaign
Milan, Italy. (January 2015) Vogue Eyewear will launch its new Spring-Summer 2015 communication
campaign with three glamorous international muses: Brazilian model Adriana Lima, Indian actress Deepika
Padukone and Chinese actress Liu Shi-Shi.
The faces of the new campaign belong to three women known for their style, glamour and A-list reputation.
Launching internationally in January, the campaign speaks to the young, curious and fashion forward female.
The campaign images are playful and colorful, truly reflecting the essence of Vogue Eyewear.
This marks Adriana Lima’s first appearance for the brand, while Deepika Padukone and Liu Shi-Shi starred in
the 2013 international Vogue Eyewear campaign. The collections featured in the campaign were personally
chosen by the talents, resulting in a true reflection of their personalities and style.
Born and raised in Brazil, Adriana Lima is undeniably one of the most beautiful women in the world. The reach
of Adriana Lima’s fame has extended beyond the fashion world and has solidified her pop culture status. Her
decade long modeling career has included her walking the world’s most prestigious runways, appearing on
numerous high-fashion magazine covers, and involvement in successful campaigns beyond the modeling world.
“Adriana is the essence of the Vogue Eyewear woman. She’s fun, flirty and embraces everything about fashion,”
says Mariavittoria Di Stasi, Vogue Eyewear Brand Director. “With these three models, we want to underline the
importance Vogue Eyewear sees in all women throughout the world. Even though they are very different and
come from different places, they are equally precious and important representations of women – each one with
their own distinct style and concept of fashion.”
The Adriana Lima campaign, shot in Buzios in Brazil – the legendary holiday destination made famous by
Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s – was shot by Ellen von Unwerth, known for photographing the world’s most
beautiful women. The campaign – an expression of tropical spirit – is composed of six images in which Adriana
can be seen wearing the latest on-trend Vogue Eyewear.
“It was very special to shoot the Vogue Eyewear campaign in my country, Brazil. It’s a truly unique collection, with
extremely feminine touches and lively colors, making them ideal for any woman and any occasion,” says Adriana Lima.


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