Accepting yourself #BodyImage


Hi Fashionistas/Fashionisters,

I just thought i’ll share whats on my mind about self acceptance.I believe that almost everyone has something they are insecure about.I would like to touch on body image.

I for a long time struggled with that fact that i had a tiny waist and a large derriere.I couldn’t understand why i was basically skin and bone on-top and heavier at the bottom.

I would try and cover up because society idolizes the smaller frame and of-cause we become brainwashed in a way.Fashion magazine imprint it into our heads on what is perfect and acceptable.

This cant be reality for every women as we as woman come in different shapes and sizes.I believe that society is changing and is becoming more accepting of the more curvier woman.

Some of the most famous women are curvy for example way back it was Marilyn Monroe,in our time there is Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. For me finding style influences that had the same shape body as i did helped me to

start accepting my shape and not worry about what was anyone was going to say.I felt like when i started accepting my shape i started to appreciate my body and become more confident.

I feel like accepting and appreciating what shape you are is when you start really loving your body.Its when you look into the mirror and

you are like yes this is me,i am beautiful,this is my shape.Becoming comfortable in yourself is when your start becoming more in love with yourself.Loving yourself first is important

as it comes with you finding your worth. I feel like if your know your worth you will be whole and confident in yourself and not allow anyone to get you down.

Working with your shape and keeping in shape is important. If you feel like your body is not the best it could be then work on it.I myself work on my body in winter,you know the

saying” summer bodies are made in winter.”Your shape will be the same but your body look can change for example you

will look more toned and appear more sculpted.Every body type is beautiful and i think enhancing the assets that

make your body type work is the key to looking good.Find clothing styles that accentuates the

features of your shape.I feel like every shape looks good in a wrap dress,some thing that you should definitely have in your wardrobe.

Just some thoughts i had on this topic.Let me know what you are doing to embrace your shape.

Much love Fashionistas xxx



2 thoughts on “Accepting yourself #BodyImage

  1. Chandre_a says:

    Thank you for this post! It definitely speaks to me in so many ways, i have the exact body type as you and know all about the why question. I started following your social platforms because i was so inspired by how you embraced your shape and it motivated me to the extend where i have made a few changes in my way of dressing and my perception of my shape. Keep on doing what you are doing, you are inspiring someone out there 🙂

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