Fashionista CT Tumblr

Hi Fashionistas/Fashionisters

I just wanted to let my new readers know that i do have other blog

I am more of a image blogger so i normally just post write off what i am thinking. #Imnotthebestwriter I think everyone has different strengths. Its a blog anyway not a novel or newspaper article…Just my thoughts on different events and topics.

fashionista ct outh african fashion blogger

fashionista ct lauren campbell cape town fashion blogger south african fashion blogger

Anyway tumblr is the platform i started on and is still such a inspiration to me.I am sure you will draw inspiration from it as well.I post on my tumblr almost everyday,i put up what inspires my style.I know you will be hooked!I am part of the instagram family of the Fashionistas  which run some of the most followed tumblrs so you might come across some of my pictures when you follow the tumblr blogs i reblog from.

I cant explain how thankful i am to all the beautiful people that support my blog.Thank you for all the encouraging messages.

Check out my Tumblr in the meantime Fashionistas/fashionisters hope  you are inspired xxxx


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