Updated(Winner)Competition- Kardashian Beauty Hair


Winner @EermaarnJA Congratulations Fashionista! 

Fashionista’s its competition time,do you want to ‘Get the Look’ with Kardashian Beauty Hair? All you need to do is tell me which of the three looks – Kim, Khloe or Kourtney – you would like to win and you could stand the chance of experiencing a glamourous hair makeover at the fabulous, Marios Hair Company in Green Point.One Fashionista will be joining me at the pre-launch of the Kardashian hair collection launch and get there hair styled by Marios team!

You need to Follow @GlamItSA and @Kbeautyofficial on instagram and Twitter.

You need to be following my handles @FashionistaCT on Twitter and @Fashionista_CT on Instagram.

Then Tweet or Instagram me which look you would want to win.Use the hashtags #FashionistaCT #KHairSA  #KardashiansSA #GlamitSA

Its that Simple!

Repost this image on instagram(InstaSize the pic) or Twitter for a higher chance of winning.

Competition will be running till the 25 August 2015

Fashionista CT Kardashian beauty kim kardashian lauren campbell

Good Luck Fashionistas!

Get the look with Kardashian Beauty Hair

Have you ever wondered how Kim creates her sleek and polished look; how Khloe masters her beautiful, loose waves; or how Kourtney perfects her voluminous curls? There’s no need for you to wonder anymore, because Kardashian Beauty Hair has arrived in South Africa!

Designed by Farouk Systems, in partnership with the famous trio, the luxurious product range  from the products to the styling tools – is infused with Black Seed Oil, an exotic oil known for its rich, healing properties that help revitalise hair for soft, supple, shiny results. No matter which Kardashian sister’s look you’re after, you’re bound to have strong, healthy and lustrous hair with the Kardashian Beauty Hair product range.

KIM KARDASHIAN – Sleek and Polished

KIM - Kardashian BS Dry Oil

Use these products:

  • Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream
  • Boar & Nylon Paddle Brush
  • Premium Finish Hair Dryer
  • 1” Hairstyling Iron
  • Black Seed Dry Oil

To get the look:

  1. Prep damp hair by evenly distributing a small amount of Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream throughout hair.
  2. Create a sleek, centre part and dry hair using the Boar & Nylon Paddle Brush and Premium Finish Hair Dryer.
  3. Maintain slight tension on the hair throughout the drying process. Divide hair into 2 inch sections and smooth with the 1” Hairstyling Iron.
  4. Apply a small amount of Black Seed Dry Oil to the surface of the hair for a sleek and polished finish.


KHLOE - Kardashian PG Hairspray

Use these products:

  • Kardashian Beauty 3-in-1
  • Twirl Me Curl Defining Cream-Gel
  • Metal Pin Paddle Brush
  • Pure Glitz Hair Spray

To get the look:

  1. Form a centre part with the hair. Holding the 3-in-1 Hairstyling Iron horizontally, wrap medium to large sections of hair around the iron to create sultry waves.

Tip: Larger sections of hair create bigger waves while smaller sections of hair create smaller waves.

  1. After entire head is finished, comb through hair with the Metal Pin Paddle Brush until waves are revealed.
  2. Set the style with a small amount of Twirl Me Curl Defining Cream-Gel and Pure Glitz Hair Spray.

KOURTNEY - KB large round brush

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN – Voluminous curls

KHLOE and KOURTNEY - Kardashian TM Curl Cream Gel

Use these products:

  • K-Body Volume Foam
  • Medium Round Brush
  • Premium Finish Hair Dryer
  • Twirl Me Curl Defining Cream‐Gel

To get the look:

  1. Prep hair by applying a small amount of K‐Body Volume Foam to damp hair, focusing on the root area for added volume.
  2. Next, form a side part and using the Medium Round Brush and Premium Finish Hair Dryer, wrap medium-sized sections around the brush while drying to create life and volume.

TIP: For added body, focus on the root area throughout the drying process.

  1. Apply Twirl Me Curl Defining Cream‐Gel with fingertips and work into the bottom length of hair.
  2. Set product and create tousled curls with the Premium Finish Hair Dryer and Medium Round Brush by rotating hair away from the face.


Launching online in South Africa on 25 August, the Kardashian Beauty Hair range consists of salon-quality styling tools and products that moisturise, strengthen, protect against environmental damage and promote healthy hair. For more information, please visit www.glamit.co.za


One thought on “Updated(Winner)Competition- Kardashian Beauty Hair

  1. Megan Hartwig says:

    @FashionistaCT @GlamItSA @kbeautyofficial Khloe’s Radiant Locks is the best in Tinseltown ♥ #FashionistaCT #KHairSA #KardashiansSA #GlamitSA 🙂 I ham following all account on Twitter and Instagram, and I have shared this giveaway on Twitter too (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed!

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