Necklace for your body type- Miglio Designer Jewellery

Hi Fashionistas/Fashionisters , did you know that certain lengths of necklaces flatter different body types. I thought i would do this post with one of the jewellery companies i have adored for years now, Miglio Designer Jewellery.

Apple Shape

If most of your weight is around your top half of your body “Top heavy”,larger shoulders, your shape is apple.

Choose a necklace that preferably goes beyond your bust.

Wearing a long length necklace gives the body an illusion of being slimmer.

Avoid chunky necklaces around your chest area.

I love this necklace below as it has great length and just enough detail without it being overwhelming.

Detailed Vintage Burnished Silver Necklace


Hourglass Shape

If you have a defined waist with more weight in your bust and hip area you are an hourglass shape.

The most flattering length necklace is Short to Medium. Bulky larger necklaces will make you look larger.

I adore the necklace below as it has just the right details that will flatter a hourglass shape.

White Shell Pearl & Burnished Silver Spear Necklace


Pear Shape 

If most of your weight is in the lower part of your body legs,thighs,hips your shape is a pear.

Wearing necklaces that sit just on the collar bone or right on the bust line will give the illusion of a more fuller bust.

It will bring more attention to your face and top half of your body.

The necklace below is what i find most flattering for the pear shaped women.

Lustrous White Shell Pearl & Silver Bead Necklace


Rectangle Shape

If your waist and hips are almost the same width and your weight is even through out your body.

If you have little or no waist this means you are a rectangle shape.

Your shape can get away with almost any length of necklace.

Do stay away from long chunky necklaces as it could drown your body frame.

Loving this necklace below,beautiful detail so gorgeous.

White Freshwater Pearl & Burnished Silver Plated Chain & Link Necklace


Find Miglio Designer Jewellery

Twitter: migliojewellery

Instagram: migliodesignerjewellery


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My favorite piece at the moment from Miglio is this bangle



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