The Shimansky Fashionista

Hi Fashionistas/Fashionisters,

If your a Fashionista, you know that diamonds are a girls best friend. Shimansky has always been my go to for fine jewellery. I had the privilege to go on a diamond tour at their store at the Clock Tower in the waterfront.The tour was every educational,i learnt so much more about Diamonds and the process of getting it from the ground to your finger.FullSizeRender

What a process it is getting the rough diamond to its sparkling glory.It is a 9 Stage process basically starting from the rough diamond to that perfect shape.Shimansky gives that guarantee that your diamonds are pure and each stone has a code engraved on it.This makes sure your diamond can be traced back to you.On the tour you get to see how they make Shimansky Jewellery and also learn about diamonds history.FullSizeRender

On the tour i was thought the four C’s of diamond grading.The Four C’s are Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight.These four C’s decide ultimately the cost of the diamond.To  learn more on the Four C’s see here.


On the diamond tour you will come pass this glamorous site.This Ralph Lauren dress is what Charlize Theron wore to a charity event after winning her first Oscar for Monster.The Necklace was made by Shimansky ,it is a 47-carat Emerald Cut Diamond Necklace.

I am so inlove with the my girl collection.The My girl diamond is the first Square cut diamond wit a diamond shape table.The cut of this diamond is also the first internationally patented cut from South Africa.I love every single piece of the collection.See the my girl collection here.

These pieces below are from different collections.Since it is the festive season these pieces are my five must have gifts.

1-P6  Millennium Diamond Ring

006 Southern Cross Pendant

46-W  My Girl Diamond Bracelet

151Yellow Diamond Pendant

36-W-480x307  My Girl Diamond Ear Rings

Make sure you book a diamond tour with Shimansky Fashionistas

Stay Fabulous xxx


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