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Hi Fashionistas and fashionisters,

I am introducing a new series to my blog.Looking into the lives of female entrepreneurs as i feel like it could inspire you and also a way to introduce you to some new stores.


We start the series with the beautiful Loyiso Sipunzi the owner of Luxx Boutique.Luxx Boutique is one of the online stores ,I’m so excited about.The store sells authentic designer items and delivers these items in the most luxurious packaging(seen in image above).I am always looking at how brands package their products on delivery and i must say i am impressed with Luxx boutique.

The stores items are on trend and also holds some timeless pieces.The price range is just right for the girl that is willing to spend little more on luxury pieces. Luxx sells brands such as Tom Ford, Michael Kors,Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs just to name a few.I just think that Luxx is just Fabulous and a must see store for fashionistas!

Here is more from Loyiso to find out more about this fabulous store.

Picture of myself

What was the inspiration behind you starting your business?

I was on a 16 hour flight from Joburg to New York in April when I was tediusly browsing through the SAA Sawubona Inflight Magazine and came across an article by Brian Parsley titled “The Uber Dalai Lama”. (also featured on linkedIn:

The article is fundamentally based on appreciation and being grateful for ones success, but the following points really stood out for me:

“If you just do a job because you need money, you’ll quit when things get difficult. Too many people allow money to drive them instead of their calling.”
“When you find your calling, eventually it will connect with your income”
“We all possess a certain talent. It may not be what you do for a living, but you still possess it”
“Few people ever take the time to see the opportunities right in front of them. Don’t just read this article: share it with someone so that they, too, can find their calling”

I tore-out that magazine article page, put it in my handbag and started thinking… well.. What is MY calling, what is MY talent, what do I love to do, and what makes ME happy…

2 days later, I was at a Tom Ford outlet store splurging on a pair of Nappa Stretch Metal Stiletto Ankle Boots that were priced at 65% off from the retail price and as I reached for my wallet, the article fell out and it dawned on me…

I LOVE to shop (duuuur!)
My partner and I travel abroad frequently and always get the opportunity to shop at the world’s finest top global designer’s outlet stores which offer incredible deals and exceptional savings on the recommended retail price
The accessible luxury brands I love are not widely available in South Africa
I’m an Information Systems Honours Cum Laude graduate and I’ve acquired great skills and knowledge on technology, systems, e-commerce and websites
I’ve been online shopping since 2006 – waaay before online shopping saw the South African light of day and I’ve always wanted to build and open up my own online store, just never knew what products I’d sell

The opportunity was right infront of me. Opening up an accessible luxury online boutique was my calling!
Describe LUXX in 4 words?


Who is the LUXX women?
The LUXX woman is a shopper that covets genuine, quality and exclusive designer apparel, and values finding these items at accessible prices.

Lifestyle picture 1.jpg
What are some challenges you have faced starting up your business?
The biggest challenge has been penetrating the market and getting our target market aware of the LUXX brand.
What advice do you have for young women who want to start their own business?

I would honestly share the article that inspired me and changed my life, and encourage them to find their calling, and allow that calling to drive them to follow their dreams. Once you connect the things you’re great at with the things you love and enjoy, the world will be at your feet.
Heels or sneakers?

Definitely Heels!

Product picture   (4).jpg

What is Fashion to you?

Fashion to me is an incredible instrument to expressing myself – giving people a peek into my personality and state of mind through the artworks and designs of others.
If you had a super power what would it be?

Teleportation – Simply for the love of travel!

Product picture   (1).JPG

Fashionistas have got to check out the Luxx boutique!


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Facebook: LUXX accessible luxury boutique

Twitter: LUXX_ZA

Instagram LUXX_Boutique




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