Love Guess Campaign



Hi Fashionistas and Fashionisters,

I recently did a campaign with Guess for their spring collection.Guess also offered me a opportunity to meet some of my fabulous fashionistas and fashionisters. The in-store meet and greet was so special to me because i got to spend time and have real convocations with my readers.Thank you to everyone that came out.


I did a photoshoot for the campaign as well which was so fun.I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my body because i was not working out around the time of the shoot.I feel like sometimes you just need to embrace yourself no matter what.With this shoot i was like i need to love myself for what i am now not only when my body is totally on point. Im back to working out now you know, summer time is right around the corner.


I really am so obsessed with the spring summer collection from Guess.When i am in love with more than five pieces of a collection then I’m like this collection is a must have! The collection can suit so many different types of body types and different personal styles.Fashionistas should definitely check it out.





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