Fillies Guineas Grade 1 – World Sports Betting


Hi fashionistas  and fashionister,

I have been learning about horse racing for the last few months.Racing its a rush has been teaching me about the sport and how it works. It has been such an interesting  journey thus far.

I attended my first race day Fillies Guineas Grade 1 – World Sports Betting after being educated on the sport and found it much more interesting than before when i knew nothing about it.Being educated about the sport made me so much more excited for the races and just that feeling of knowing whats going on felt good.

See Interview Video-

My Guests enjoyed themselves so much as they were taken around on a private tour and shown some of the background work that goes down at these race days. I personally had such a blast because of knowing the sport and seeing what i have learnt in action.



Watching the races gave me such a rush of excitement.I had seen LEGAL EAGLE win the race just before in the Green Point Stakes. Looking forward to seeing him again for the Queen’s Plate and/or The Metropolitan Stakes.

Looking forward to this horse racing season.Cant wait to take you on the journey with me.



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