Veet Sensitive Touch


Hi Fashionistas and fashionisters,

I have decided to add a new series to my blog by introducing you to my must have item of the week.This week is a new product by VEET.

I was gifted the new Veet sensitive touch by Veet and i must say i am so impressed. It has become a product i cannot live without.I have snapchatted it a few times and i had a lot of you asking me my opinion on it. After using it for over a month now i can say that i absolutely adore it as it has made everything much easier for me in the unwanted hair department.

I love using it for my facial hairs as it literally takes seconds for the hair to disappear. Keeping my eyebrows in check before they start going out of control.It comes with some really awesome styling tools that are very handy. I even used the one tool to thin out my fringe at some stage. I feel like this little tool can do so much and make your life more convenient. The fact that you cannot cut yourself as the blades cannot touch your skin is something i was really happy about.Perfect for your underarms,legs,bikini line,eyebrows and any hairy parts of your body.

The new Veet sensitive touch is really easy to travel with.I went to Johannesburg for an event recently and i just popped it in my bag. I had forgotten to shave my legs the morning, i of cause was so upset.I had then remembered it was in my bag.It was so quick and easy because it doesn’t require water.It is my new obsession at the moment ,just because of how quick and easy it is to use. As you all know i first use a product for a while before i present it to my fashionistas,so i must say that this is one of my essentials now.


Let me know what you think of the new Veet sensitive touch Fashionistas.



3 thoughts on “Veet Sensitive Touch

    • fashionistact says:

      I feel like in that case this product is more to maintain the area.So if you on the go and need to do something quickly or didn’t have time to do a brazilian it would be used to cleaning it up.

  1. Bonolo says:

    I already own this cool gadget, and I must say that it has helped me a lot. I use it for my eyebrows, bikini line and sometimes even for trimming my hair line. A definite must have!!!

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